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    GUSTO: the great Fontana classic gets a makeover.

    A sweet restyling for the product that has been the dream of all cooking enthusiasts, without forgetting its traditional and identity traits. The external structu
    re remains in stainless steel and painted with robust cast iron doors and anti-burn handles.

    The big revolution takes place inside the cooking chamber, where, thanks to the CLEVER ventilation system, simultaneous cooking can be carried out on five levels
    *for sizes 80×45 cm and 80×54 cm configurable with red roof and grey sides



    1 refractory griddle
    3 large cooking pans (2x on 57)
    3 chromed grills
    1 front inox worktop
    1 side inox worktop
    1 fire tool
    1 chimney top
    1 thermometer and timer

    • Fuel Type: Wood



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