Ischia 60X40 | Fontana Forni

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Ischia is a high-quality wood-fired oven designed for direct cooking. It features a spacious 60×40 cm cooking chamber and comes with a painted steel trolley with wheels for easy mobility. The oven is equipped with a wood holder plate, a flue with a smoke regulation valve, and a closing door on the hob. The fire surface is made of food-grade certified refractory chamotte, ensuring excellent heat retention for optimal cooking results.

The internal structure of the oven is constructed from stainless steel, while the external body is made of electrogalvanized steel treated with high-temperature paints for durability against heat, weather, and rust. The natural rock wool insulation not only helps in maintaining consistent temperatures but also prevents excessive heating of the external structure.

Configurable Options: Trolley or Stand version

Standard Equipment Included

1 chimney pipe

1 fire door with a no-hot handle

1 analog thermometer

1 fire tool

1 wood holder

4 support feet

  • Largura: 82,5cm
  • Altura: 185cm
  • Comprimento: 71cm



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