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    Vulcano Professional Wood Oven by Fontana Forni

    Introducing the Vulcano Professional Wood Oven, a masterpiece of culinary craftsmanship by Fontana Forni. This top-of-the-line oven is designed for those who seek perfection in their cooking experience. Crafted with certified food-grade materials, the Vulcano oven guarantees exceptional performance and durability.

    Key Features:

    – Refractory double layer 8 cm insulating mattress
    – 310s heavy-duty steel construction
    – Electro galvanized and powder-coated steel for longevity
    – Versatile functionality for direct and indirect cooking
    – Ideal for show-cooking, movable to any desired location

    Why Choose a Professional Oven?

    – Superior heat retention and cleanliness due to high-quality materials
    – No need for masonry work, arrives pre-installed for convenience
    – Quick ignition and pre-heating times (30 minutes)
    – Up to 60% reduction in wood consumption compared to traditional ovens
    – Portable design for flexibility

    Standard Equipment Included:

    1 pipe with chimney and damper

    1 fire door with no-hot handles

    1 analogic thermometer

    1 steel flame-tamer

    1 fire tool

    1 wood holder

    Technical Specifications:

    – Fuel Type: Wood
    – External Dimensions: $P 99.5 times L 121.8 times H 250$ cm
    – Cooking Chamber Size: $P 70 times L 100 times H 40$ cm
    – Hourly Consumption: ~ 4 kg
    – Nominal Thermal Power: 10 kW
    – Smoke Temperature: 190°C
    – Chimney Diameter: 200 mm
    – Weight: 430 kg

    Cooking Capacities:

    – Pizzas: Up to 5 at a time
    – Bread (kg): 5 – 7 per batch
    – Covers: Suitable for up to 10 dishes

    Elevate your culinary creations with the Vulcano Professional Wood Oven

    • Largura: 122,8cm
    • Altura: 225cm
    • Comprimento: 101cm



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